Treble Clef Barge

barge 2012

General Specifications

Name Treble Clef Barge
Style Barge
Builder Nashville Bride Construction
Hull Displacement
USCG Certified  N/A
USCG Dry Dock  N/A
USCG Official Number
Route Certification
Passenger Capacity  N/A
Gross Tonnage
Net Tonnage
Speed (approx.)
Built 1968 (Barges)
LOA 260′
Beam 104′
Hull Depth Depth 13′
Freeboard Depth  11.5′
Draft  Water: 1.6′ Air Draft 55′
Hull Material Steel
Deckhouse Material Steel
Wheelhouse Material
Tank Capacities Waste: 1075 gallons with lift station to city sewer
Potable Water: City
Fuel Consumption


The Vessel is arranged with boarding off the starboard side with a gangway entrance for guests and a separate gangway entrance for team members. Guests enter into the grand lobby with the dining room to the left and banquet area to the right. The dining room is arranged with five serving stations, they are: Fish Shack, Heartland station, BBQ station, Salad station & Dessert station. There is seating for 180 persons utilizing tables and chairs and booths (10).


  • Sneeze guard
  • Hatro Gloray model 6RSBF-361 heat plate
  • Hatco model GJP001 heat lamp
  • Three Hatco model 14Am heat lamps
  • Ansul model GX2-BBL-CA-60 hood
  • Atlas Metal model WH-2 hot well
  • Victory model VF-2 double door freezer
  • Vulcan fryer
  • Frymaster model FP347EBLCSC fryer
  • Delafield model SR1-GH single door cooler
  • Alto Sham model 1000-TH/I hot box
  • Blodgett model DFG-100 single oven
  • Alto Sham model 1200-S food warmer


  • Sneeze guard
  • Three Hatco model 14AM heat lamps
  • True Mfg. model t-23 single door cooler
  • Two Atas Metal model WH2 hot well
  • Atlas Metal model WH-3 hot well
  • Everest model EGR24 cooler
  • Alto Sham food warmer (BOH)
  • Norlake model NF241SSS/0 ice-cream freezer


  • Sneeze guard
  • Hatco model GJP002 heat lamp
  • Three Hatco model 14AM heat lamps
  • Crescor model H339SBS1210 warmer
  • Hatro Gloray model 6RSBF-36-1 heat plate
  • Ansul model GX2-BBL-CA-60-SP hood
  • Three Atlas Metal model WH-2 hot wells
  • Two Alto Sham model 1767-SK smokers
  • Two Wells model SS-10ULTD soup wells
  • Vulcan model 57628 char broiler with double door cooler
  • Crescor model H339SBS1210C warmer
  • Hatco model 14 AM heat lamp
  • Two Crescor model 1WF60GL10BL heat lamps (carving station)
  • Wolf Regency model RT36EC-9 flat top grill


  • Sneeze guard
  • Three cold well model 30669 fog


  • Sneeze guard
  • Two Cook model MCD3500 heat plates
  • Atlas Metal model WH-1 hot well


  • Hatco booster heater (dishwasher)
  • Range Guard model 49 hood (kitchen
  • Three Alto Shams model 1000-TH-I
  • Two Vulcan model EF3 fryers
  • Salvajor model M-300 garbage disposal
  • Scottsman model 753711-11E ice machine
  • Two Cleveland model 22CET6.1 steamers
  • Vulcan model VG30 tilt skillet
  • Brown model UBS-4 walk in cooler
  • Brown model UBS-4 walk-in freezer
  • Globe model GC9 meat slicer
  • Hobart model HL-600 mixer
  • Two Vulcan model VC4GD10 double ovens
  • Dean model SR142GN fryer
  • Vulcan model 36C-6BN six burner gas range
  • Crescor model 121PH1818D proofer


  • Manitowoc model SY1004A ice machines (buffet)
  • Two True Mfg. model TWT 27 coolers
  • True Mfg. model TDD-1 beer cooler
  • Delfield model F2962C four door cooler
  • True Mfg. model GDM-35 milk/beer cooler


  • True Mfg. model T-BB-2 double door cooler
  • Manitowoc model SY1004A ice machine
  • True Mfg. model T-49 double door cooler
  • True Mfg. model TBB-2G milk/beer cooler


  • Reception area



  • Ruud model GX90-550A water heater
  • Two Zoeller model N-267 sewage pumps
  • Trane model YCD300B4LGHB HVAC units (diner)
  • Trane model YCD300B4LGHB HVAC (buffet)
  • Trane model YCH300B4HFHB HVAC (lobby)
  • Trane model YCH061C4HOBF HVAC lobby
  • Trane model YCH120B4HBDE HVAC (main ramp)
  • Goodman model CLJ48-1 A/C (offices)
  • Trane model YSC120A4RLA1ND000A1010607-D HVAC (EDR)
  • Goodman A/C (offices)
  • Tubeular heat model RVS-40-125N (breezeway)
  • Heat Control Inc. model A-HMC12AS heat unit (offices)
  • Otis model ABA21241U elevator
  • Two Schindler escalators escalator
  • Two Lift Master model T5011L3 door openers
  • Two State model SBT757NE water heaters
  • Dayton model 10010 sewage controls
  • Weil McLain model 8131 sewage controls
  • Auxiliary 35 kW Kohler generator powered by a Cummins model DGBB-5671307 marine diesel engine with full auto on and auto off.


Banquet area offers 2,500 square foot with seating for 90 diners. There is a dedicated prep area with a two hood system and walk in cooler and freezer. Included is the Food and Beverage and Administrative office.

  • Crescor model H339SBS1210 food warmer
  • Wider model HBC-180 hot box
  • Manitowoc model QY0325W ice machine
  • Louisville walk-in cooler
  • Kolpak model 18452 walk-in cooler
  • Kolpak model 18715 walk-in freezer
  • Kolpak model 18753 walk-in freezer
  • True Mfg. model GDM-49 glass cooler
  • Thunderbird bread cutter
  • Ipso clothes model 1WF055MN2X10U2 washer
  • Ipso model IT075ED0Q262W01 dryer


  • Two Sharp model R-318AV microwave ovens
  • Black & Decker model T4560B toaster
  • Six Dyson Air Blade model AB02 hand dryers (restrooms)


  • Two Unimark model 500CLSSCL turnstiles
  • Two Mars model LPV96-2ED00B air curtains


  • Two 290’ x 52’ x 13’barges connected via 12” x 12” welded angle
  • Welded steel plate hull
  • 14 watertight compartments formed by 7 transverse bulkheads and one longitudinal per barge